YSAR adapt with online learning

A new online learning system currently in development will allow YSAR to remain resilient in a post-Level 4 lockdown world filled with uncertainties. The non-profit organisation aims to enable young people to develop the skills necessary to participate and become active volunteers in emergency response organisations. Their three-year training programme consists of outdoor education, search, rescue and emergency response methodologies, and leadership and incident management. YSAR Co-founder and General Manager Steve Campbell says the ability to provide online delivery of their programmes was vital, ensuring training can continue no matter what restrictions are in place. “We are in times where many are questioning traditional methods of classroom education. COVID-19 and the lockdown made us realise we need to adapt our training delivery to an online learning platform – it highlighted for us significant opportunities to explore new styles of project-based learning utilising emerging digital technology focused on visualisation and simulation.”All volunteer organisations faced significant restrictions post-lockdown, and as the volunteer sector is predominately in an older age bracket, it wasn’t acceptable to put them or our students at risk. It is essential to continue training these younger volunteers so they can prepare to transition into search and rescue and emergency management groups to do what is needed in emergencies. See more https://www.sunlive.co.nz/news/249754-ysaradapt-online-learning.html