Regional disparity in alert levels

Thanks for being patient with us as we manage the Covid-19 response transitioning through the Levels.

Within the Covid-19 response planning, there will be differences in response depending on where you are in the country.

As of 1300 hrs on the 30/08/2020;

  • Auckland – Government Alert Level 2.5
  • Rest of the country – Government Alert Level 2 – continue current status 

Please continue to use the tracer app. NB. All students attending classroom activities in Government Alert Level 2 are advised to use the tracer app.

Auckland YSAR – Message to students and parents under Level 2.5

Now that we are in Level 2.5 we cannot yet transition to face to face programmes or weekend training exercises so we will remain teaching via the virtual classroom until we return to Alert Level 2 or below. Virtual classrooms are scheduled for Monday 7pm. Please check your email for Canvas messaging.


The situation for us in the Auckland area is quite clear, there are to be no social organised gatherings over 10 people which includes sports gatherings. Although schools are operating, what sets YSAR apart, is the students in our programme are from a wide geographical area across the Auckland, from Kaukapakapa through to Pukekohe. We are not an education institution therefore we cannot operate as a school in Level 2.5. When looking at this decision I have had the following feedback;

  1. Scouting NZ, there is no face to face training under Level 2.5 in Auckland
  2. Hockey NZ have cancelled 2 trips by Auckland teams to outside the Auckland area
  3. Neil Penniston (YSAR Operations Manager) recommends no face to face training in Level 2.5
  4. Brett Harper YSAR Auckland Local Operations Committee chairperson agrees not to transition to face to face training under Level 2.5
  5. Andrew Scott, YSAR Board Chairman
  6. Covid-19 Business help line provided information from TEC website to say that groups of more than 10 are not categorized as a gathering so therefore training can go ahead.

I have received a query from a parent suggesting YSAR activities should be able to proceed under 2.5, however as the General Manager of YSAR Trust I have to consider the following;

  1. the well-being of students and parents, their safety and well being of their extended family in the current environment
  2. the wider organisational reputational risk if Covid-19 has been passed on through a YSAR activity
  3. what other similar organisations are doing in Auckland
  4. Geographical spread of Auckland students over the Auckland region Pukekohe – Kaukapakapa

For Auckland YSAR they are going to take a cautious approach this week and continue to train through virtual classroom. 

Guidance on life at Alert Level 2

The Auckland region is everything in the Auckland Council boundary — from Wellsford in the north to Pukekohe in the south.

Auckland boundary map [JPG, 914 KB]

For further information

Weekend training exercise

Weekend training exercise 4th September – 6th September cannot proceed for the Auckland Group in Level 2.5 as we are a group larger than 10 people. A final decision on teh weekend training exercise will be made on Wednesday 2nd September 1300hrs.