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The YSAR is a three year training programme consisting of outdoor education, search and rescue and emergency response methodolgies, and leadership and incident management



The YSAR is available in Tauranga BOP and Auckland. If you are interested in starting a group in your region contact [email protected]


Youth Search & Rescue (YSAR) enables students to become active volunteers in emergency response organisations. Our independent, non-profit training organisation inspires future leaders with a focus on practical skills, technology, innovation and community


Youth Search and Rescue trains youth with the necessary skills to enable safe practice and emergency response.


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To apply to become a member of YSAR, you must be aged between 14 and 16 years, find out more here.


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Discover innovative and exciting opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

YSAR heading to the USA

YSAR has been invited to attend the Marin County Search and Rescue annual exercise in Yosemite National Park in July 2018. A select team of students and instructors will begin what we hope is an ongoing student exchange programme to promote international youth...

YSAR in the UNO Magazine – April 2018

Youth Search and Rescue: Learning To Save Lives YSAR programme was launched in Tauranga almost a decade ago by former police officer Steve Campbell and several colleagues who recognised existing search and rescue volunteers were ageing and numbers were dwindling. They...

Mashup Event – Tauranga

Call for all young innovators and problem solvers - enter a team! Mashup is a weekend event, delivering a unique learn-by-doing experience for youth aged 14 and up. Mashup is designed to introduce and apply entrepreneurial and technical skills to solve problems in our...


Now in its 4th year, the 2018 Australian & New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference continues to be a pivotal event for the search and rescue community across all disciplines of air, land and sea. Meet and network with a diverse range of skilled practitioners and...

Biohybrid Robotics

There may come a day when humans take on the form of cyborgs with integrated, robotic parts to enhance our abilities. But long before then, a seemingly opposite type of integration may take place, with robots being equipped with human tissue or other living cells to...

YSAR UAV Training

Search and Rescue and Emergency Management Technology YSAR #sartech 2018 YSAR UAV training programme in conjunction with GPSIT and Massey University School of Aviation. The UAV training subject within the YSAR programme includes the following topics; 1. UAV...

Outward Bound Scholarships available

https://www.outwardbound.co.nz/ We have a few Outward Bound scholarships available to us next year. These scholarships will be focused on those who would not necessarily be able to afford to attend the course. There are places available on the following dates; 21 day...

YSAR Navigation Training Exercise 2017

YSAR Year One Ridge Traverse Navigation Exercise 2017

Kaimai Hut YSAR Training venue 2017

The Kaimai Hut flyover. A regular training venue for the YSAR Programme

SARINZ Clue Site Processing Training at Youth Search and Rescue 2017

SARINZ delivered their 2 day Search and Rescue Clue Site Processing course to Youth Search and Rescue 20170922. Here is some footage to one of the practicle exercises.
S.T.E.M. is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. We focus on these areas together not only because the skills and knowledge in each discipline are essential for student success, but also because these fields are deeply intertwined in the real world and in how students learn most effectively. We believe that STEM skills are essential for the future of Search and Rescue and Emergency Management and our young people are the ones who will integrate new innovation as best practice.
Being involved in YSAR has opened so many doors for me. It helped me develop the confidence, discipline, strength and character that enables me to reach my goals. YSAR only built and strengthened my love for the outdoors and through the training and knowledge I have received through the programme, I am able to give it the respect it deserves. I have been pushed to my limits mentally physically and emotionally and have had the time of my life. I’ve achieve things I never imagined I could accomplish and the people you do it with are friends for a lifetime, I cannot recommend it to enough people. Laura Geraerts




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