Learning to survive, thrive and save lives

YSAR Mission, Vision and Values


Youth Search and Rescue, is an independent non-profit Charitable Trust and Incorporated Society in which, youth between the ages of 14 – 18 receive training over a period of three years.

The programme was initially started to address the aging population of the community volunteers aligned to the search and rescue and civil defence emergency management sectors. In 2009/2010 New Zealand SAR secretariat released research suggesting that 67% of all search and rescue volunteers were male and over the age of 40. It was clear that the emergency response sectors were entering a period where there was an increase in the number of volunteers unsuitable for field deployment and that this would continue to a point of crisis from 2020 and beyond unless this was addressed at a strategic level.

Since its inception YSAR has gained significant interest and community support providing search and rescue and civil defence emergency management training to youth. Since 2009 YSAR youth have identified career pathways linked with Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM). We are confident that through a specific focus on identifying and supporting STEM pathways for students, significant outcomes can be achieved both personally and in the SAR and CDEM sectors.

YSAR has been operating for 11 years.  Our core objective is to train young people to become active community volunteers in the search and rescue and civil defence emergency management sector.  The programme is delivered in the Bay of Plenty and Auckland in will be offered in other regions of New Zealand in 2020.

Our Mission, Vision and Values statements were reviewed in 2017 and incorporate high inspirational reflections of who we are and where we are heading as an organisation.

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Learning to survive, thrive and save lives


We exist to empower the next generation of community-minded volunteers


And to achieve this, we’re enabling adventure through our leading-edge Search and Rescue and Emergency Management programme


Growing our PEOPLE

Bound together through a common purpose, our people thrive in a supportive environment. By fostering partnerships with our communities we’re learning more, innovating faster, and venturing further than ever before.

Conserving our PLANET

Our natural environment sits at the heart of every decision we make. As kaitiaki of our native bush we tread lightly, ensuring we preserve and enhance our country’s natural wonders for future generations to enjoy.

 Committing to PROGRESS

We strive to be better than we were yesterday and we’re deliberate in doing so. Through a genuine understanding of the present and future needs of our sector, we are solving historical challenges with innovative solutions.


Since the programme commenced in 2009, YSAR has trained over 325 students. As we continue to grow as an organisation, we are confident our students will have a significant community impact in New Zealand and abroad.

“We’re aiming to create multi-skilled young people who will be invaluable to their community,” co-founder and GM Steve Campbell says. “It’s highly likely some of our students will go on to save lives but they’re also going to be great human beings” he adds.


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