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YSAR is pleased to introduce Canvas as our preferred digital Learning Management System.


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More Background on YSAR’s Adoption of Digital Learning
(published February 2021)

YSAR Trust is transitioning its training resources and lesson plans onto a digital Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas.  This is a key component of the Trust’s Education Development Strategy, ensuring that the organisation remains future proofed, relevant and aligned with modern learning practises.

General Manager Steve Campbell explains that LMS’s are highly regarded web-based platforms that are designed to support dynamic teaching and learning, thus maximising the user experience for students and instructors.

“LMS’s provide a built-in framework for every aspect of the modern learning process. And in today’s increasingly digital learning landscape, an LMS makes an incredible difference in terms of facilitating the learning experience,” he says.

After extensive research, YSAR’s chose CANVAS based on its number one status as the learning management system of choice for schools around the world.

“Canvas is a bespoke system, designed to deliver teaching, learning and student success through an open, extensive learning ecosystem, utilising authentic and blended learning tools and techniques. In short, it makes learning more interactive, fun and professional,” said Steve.

This is another exciting step for YSAR, promising to deliver great outcomes for students, instructors and the organisation as a whole.

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