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YSAR Gear Requirements


It depends on the time of year, the activity and your personal preference. For the weekend camps there is some gear you must have. Other items are optional. During the first few weeks of training we will talk about the best options so don’t rush out and buy new things too soon.


Some of these items are expensive and care is needed if making a purchase decision prior to your first camp.


During the summer months the sleeping bag does not have to be of top quality. You can wear more clothes at night to keep warm if necessary. A four season sleeping bag will be essential during the winter months.


During the first couple of camps there will not be a huge amount of walking with your pack so a sturdy school bag style of back-pack would be adequate. For the third and subsequent camps a proper tramping pack will be needed.


We do not expect members to own an expensive pair of hiking boots, however, we do recommend they are well fitting and comfortable with good tread. It is worth considering to get some good footwear, and even less expensive boots will give you a good ankle support and walking comfort.


Again lite-weight is best and LED torches are great for most of the work you will do. A head torch is part of the essential gear for most of the camps.


You will be issued with a compass during the first couple of weeks. We recommend the Silva brand of compasses which cost around NZ$60. This is an essential item for navigation.


You will also be issued with a suitable whistle during the first couple of weeks. Whistles are important for personal safety and as a tool for searching.


A good knife is essential for all members of YSAR. The weight and versatility are the key factors to consider. You will not be permitted to bring a machete

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