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Simply visit our online application form and fill out the necessary information here. Interviews are held each October for the following intake starting February.

Once you have filled in an application form and submitted it, you will go into our database as having applied. Applications will close 30th September. In September you will be sent a booking URL to book your interview. You can select your prefered interview time slot. Please be at the interview at least 15 minutes prior to the interview.

Establishment Fee (Level 1 only)

All Level 1 students to pay an establishment fee of $370. 30 plus GSTThis fee includes establishing students LMS(CANVAS) profile, ArcGIS, TEAMS and apparel, essential equipment and initial administration costs. Establishment fee is invoiced to Level 1 students 1st November, payable by the 21st November. 

Annual Fee (All Levels)

 This covers costs to deliver the program, including; external provider courses, safety equipment, electronics, communications, transportation, logistics, administration and governance etc. Annual fees for Level 1, 2 and 3 students are $674.50 plus GST. 

All fees must be paid in full by the first night of YSAR for the year 
YSAR fees are subject to change aligned to inflation. If you are unable to afford these fees, please request financial assistance through.

OP111 – YSAR Fees Policy 


YSAR trainees are a minimum of 14 to 15 years old for starting with 3 years remaining at secondary school level. This allows students to complete all 3 levels of the course.

Must be able to carry a fully loaded pack over a weekend exercise. YSAR program is physical and does require a reasonable level of fitness and good health

YSAR must be a priority otherwise there will be gaps in their training. Weekend training exercises include external courses where YSAR have paid for the course delivery. Failing to attend these courses will be a course fail. Students need to maintain an 85% plus attendance rate and attend all weekend training exercises. 

See the National Calendar for your local group’s training schedule. Week night training is on a Wednesday evening between 7 and 8:30pm for the first 3 school terms (the 4th Term is left free for the school examination period), 6 X weekend training exercises through the 3 school terms (2 per term), 1 X 5-day end of year exercise in December.

Qualifications are changing under the current Tertiary review and some providers are not offering credits in the interim. External courses offered are

  • VHF Marine Operators
  • Outdoor First Aid Course
  • CIMS Coordinated Incident Management
  • Action Orientated Team Leader

YSAR is a training organisation, once trainees are 18 years old they can join a Search and Rescue organisation of their choice. YSAR are working closely with LandSAR NZ and NZ Police to enable Level 3 students to be operational

They can apply but students need to be 14 on the 1st February of the start year.
Not at this stage

Yes, we reply on parent help, both as leaders with the students, camp help and behind the scenes with Local operations committee. Please get in touch with any of the leadership team on how you can help out via email [email protected]

A list is on our website gear information here.         

No, your child has accepted a position with YSAR for the year and the funds will have been allocated to operational delivery commitments.

Yes: Instructors need to know that all the students have the same equipment and its quality is reliable and serviceable.

There is no official YSAR transport to and from camps it is the parent’s responsibility, however, we encourage car-pooling and usually a parent helper organizes this through the Local Operations Committee.

Interviews are a chance for students and parents to meet the instructors and ask questions, while instructors will be assessing the student’s suitability for the program. Key aspects which will be covered at the interview; commitment, attendance, competing interests, fitness, understanding of YSAR purpose. We suggest you immerse yourself in the website before the interview.

No. YSAR is a 3 year training course. It is necessary that students go through the full 3 year YSAR program. Through the course, we capture evidence of learning will is applicable to the competencies for the SAR and EM sector. 

Thank you for choosing to donate to YSAR

YSAR is classified as a Donor Organisation and your donations are tax deductible – please make contact for further information