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YSAR Forms

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1. Safety Management forms

HS303 - Accident or near miss reporting form - Incidents that happen during an exercise.

Report your accident or near miss here. It is important for us to know when a mishap happened so we can minimize it happening again. Post your accident or near miss here

HS301 - Students reporting negative behaviour

If anyone has harmed you physically or mentally, you've seen or heard of someone else being harmed or you've seen or heard someone harm our great reputation, post it here

HS305 - Medical condition reporting - reports of medical conditions prior to an exercise

If you have a preexisting medical issue which may hinder you from completing the exercise, we need to know about it so please post if here

HS304 - Reporting operational concerns form

This form is to record any incident which may have occurred at a YSAR event which requires follow up. This may include but not limited to; An individuals behavior, property damage, property maintenance, organisation risk etc.

HS302 - Hazard identification reporting

It is important we continually assess and mitigate hazards. If you have identified a hazard which may impact the YSAR programme please report is here (temp page)

HS306 - Dynamic Risk Assessment - Change of activity reporting form - during YSAR activities

This form is to record and report on risks which require mitigation and changing plans during YSAR activities

OP302 - After Activity Report form

This form is to record critical information from the activity which will inform future events - Instructor technical feedback

HS309 - Location guide form site risk assessment

This form is to register record new YSAR activity locations for risk assessment and standard operating procedures at sites.

HS310 - YSAR Emergency Drill Form

This form is to record record emergency drills during YSAR activities [email protected]

HS313 - Reporting Critical Psychological Harm

The information provided in this form will remain strictly confidential. It will be used solely for the purpose of addressing and responding to psychological harm incidents during YSAR-led events.

2. Feedback Loop Forms

OP303 - Training exercise feedback - students and parents

This form is for feedback from students and parents about weekend training exercises. Help us on a continual path of improvement by providing feedback on a YSAR training event.

OP305 - Have your say - YSAR newsletter

If you have an article for our monthly newsletter YSAR SitRep, post it here and upload accompanying photos

OP304 - Good news celebrating success

Help us celebrate our success. If you see something done well in YSAR say something through this form and tell the in person direct. Its amazing the positive impact encouragement can have

OP315 - YSAR Canvas LMS feedback

This form provides feedback from instructors and students about YSAR training. Your feedback will help keep the YSAR training evolving over time to ensure a great learning environment for everyone.

3. Operational Forms

HS306 - Dynamic Risk Assessment - Change of activity reporting form - during YSAR activities

This form is to record and report on risks which require mitigation and changing plans during YSAR activities

OP302 - Activity reporting form - after activity - Exercise report

This form is to record critical information from the activity which will inform future events - Instructor technical feedback

CO301 - Field Collection - Evidence of learning

This form is for students to capture evidence of learning in the field to support learning outcomes and module aims - Student portal

HS304 - Report Operational Concerns

This form is anyone to report any operationl concerns relating to a YSAR activity.

Kaimai Hut User Log

This form is for users of the Kaimai Hut to fill in to register attendance.

4. Administration Forms

HS307 - Police vetting and child protection authorisation

Under Part 3 of the Children's Act 2014 , all children’s workers must be police vetted as part of a safety check. A children’s worker is anyone whose work involves regular or overnight contact with children, takes place without parents or guardians being present, and is paid or undertaken as part of an educational or training course. A New Zealand police vet must be obtained before the children’s worker starts work. New YSAR worker or volunteer

CO302 - Volunteer Professional Development

The YSAR management value our leaders input into the programme and are committed to support professional development each year. This form is for YSAR volunteers to nominate a professional development course they wish to attend. Nominations close each year at the end of February. This form can only be completed by YSAR network users.

GO301 - Volunteer Code of Conduct form

The YSAR Volunteer code of conduct clarifies an organization's mission, values and principles, linking them with standards of professional conduct. All volunteer members of YSAR are required to complete this form.

GO304 - Funding requirements for Local groups - Need and asset?

YSAR fund assets and operational costs through submitting funding applications to a variety of organisation. If you work for YSAR as a volunteer and have a asset or operational cost you would like consideration for funding, please fill in the Funding Priority Form here

GO302 - Leaders Expense Claim Form

Click here to submit an online expense claim form. Please seek approval before purchasing any item on behalf of YSAR.

CO303 - ESRI User Conference expression of interest

Every year we take a group of students to the NZ ESRI user conference in Auckland. This is available to all YSAR students. To apply please make a ESRI story map and submit it here.

HS312 - Renewing Police Vetting

Only fill this form in if you are renewing your Police vetting after 2 years of service to YSAR. This form only requires Police vetting authorisation however you will need to upload 2 forms of identification.

OP313 - YSAR Instructor Contact Details

This form is for all YSAR instructors to fill in to provide contact information and emergency contact information. All instructors to fill in these details.

OP311 - YSAR Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

This Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legally binding contract between YSAR Trust and yourself that outlines the confidential information they will share with each other and restricts the disclosure or use of that information by the recipients.

OP312 - YSAR Volunteer preliminary information

This form is a preliminary contact detail form for those interested in helping out with YSAR as a volunteer. Further information will be required following a meeing with YSAR staff.

OP110 - YSAR Level 4 Leadership Development Programme Application

The Level 4 Leadership Development Programme is a specialized initiative aimed at YSAR Level Three graduates who wish to further their leadership skills and contribute to the YSAR community. This form is for students to apply to return as leaders.

GO303 - Transformational Ideas - how can we improve things

We operate within a transformational leadership model where we are constantly looking for better ways of doing things. If you have an idea please post it here to help us improve the way we work.

5. Student Forms Required prior to interview

CU308 - YSAR Code of Conduct - Student

This is the student Code of Conduct. All students must sign this with parents prior to joining the organization.

CU306 - YSAR activity and exercise participation consent form

This form is for parents and students to give consent to undertake avicities associated to the YSAR programme

CU305 - YSAR medical declaration form

This form is to accompany the student to the interview declaring any medical issue that instructors and YSAR staff to be aware of which may impact a student at a YSAR activity.

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