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Battery Town supports powering YSAR radio communications hub

YSAR relies on radio communications and live tracking for the weekend and end-of-year exercises. To create a radio hub in the areas of operation, we require erecting a duplex digital repeater. To power our repeater site we have traditionally relied on heavy 100 Amp Hour lead acid carbon batteries, each weighing 35kg. For a 5-day exercise, we need 130ah. Often our repeater sites are remote and the batteries need to be manually walked onto site, which is not only difficult but poses a health and safety issue with potential back injuries.

Battery Town has partnered with YSAR and donated a 130ah Lithium Ion battery to mitigate risk and enable us to use just one battery on site. Our new battery weighs in at 13kg, a featherweight compared to our old batteries.

We appreciate the generosity and encourage anyone needing nationwide battery solutions, to use Battery Town… a great team and reliable service.

Battery Town Nationwide Battery Specialist

Thank you for choosing to donate to YSAR

YSAR is classified as a Donor Organisation and your donations are tax deductible – please make contact for further information