There may come a day when humans take on the form of cyborgs with integrated, robotic parts to enhance our abilities. But long before then, a seemingly opposite type of integration may take place, with robots being equipped with human tissue or other living cells to make them more lifelike.
Medical Definition of biohybrid
containing or composed of both biological and non-biological components such as:
a : possessing a component of biological origin
The students are experimenting using a protein in spinach to create a biohybrid solar panel.—The Washington Examiner, 26 Apr. 2012
b : containing biomaterial and especially non-biological biomaterial
They are designing biohybrid organs—live tissue enclosed in an artificial membrane—to replace the pancreas and other failing endocrine glands.—Robert Whitaker, The Times Union (Albany, New York), 12 Jan. 1994
c of a prosthesis : integrating synthetic material with human tissue (such as muscles, nerves, or bone)
One project seeks to build “biohybrid” limbs, in which a prosthetic would be implanted in tissue and become an integral part of the patient. —William M. Welch, USA Today, 28 Feb. 2005
Biohybrid robotics