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Health and Safety

Report an operational incident, accident or near miss during a YSAR event

Follow this link to report an incident or near miss incident which has occurred on a YSAR activity. Your report will be followed up by a YSAR instructor

YSAR promotes a transparent and safe operational environment. It is important to report all incidents and near misses.


Report a medical condition – non operational

Follow this link to report a medical condition you have that may affect your ability to perform a YSAR activity. Your medical condition may be temporary, long standing or permanent.

Pre-existing medical conditions have the potential to be aggravated and put others at risk during YSAR activities. Please report anything which may affect your ability to perform the exercise or event

Report a negative behavioral incident

Follow this link to report a negative behavioral incident which has happened to you or that you have witnessed happening to someone else. Your report will remain confidential.

YSAR are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone so we have made it easy for you to report incidents where behaviour is no in line with the vision and values of the organisation

Thank you for choosing to donate to YSAR

YSAR is classified as a Donor Organisation and your donations are tax deductible – please make contact for further information