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Kaimai Hut Working ‘B’ – ‘A’ Stellar Community Effort

We extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in the recent working B at the Kaimai Hut on May 4th, 2024. Your dedication and hard work have brought significant improvements to this essential facility, ensuring it continues to serve our community for many years to come. It was great to see Waikato Central, Thames Coromandel, Auckland, and Tauranga YSAR groups working together for a common purpose.

A Brief History of the Kaimai Hut

The Kaimai Hut has a rich history dating back to the 1970s when it was relocated from Waikato and placed on the Brady’s property. Originally used by the Matamata Scout group, the hut fell into disrepair by 2000. It was rediscovered by the Hamilton and Tauranga Search and Rescue Groups in 2004 during a local search operation. Thanks to their efforts, and the generous support of the McNeil family, and more recently by the Brady family, the hut was revitalized and has since been a vital training venue for Youth, SAR Emergency Management, Police SAR, Scouts and Guides, and Land Search and Rescue.

Work Completed

Here’s a summary of the amazing work accomplished:

  • Roof replaced
  • Water tank installed on a new metal base
  • Shed for water pump constructed
  • Fireplace removed
  • Buildings cleaned inside and out
  • Chimney bird proofed
  • Satellite dish removed
  • Curtains installed 
  • Waterblasting completed
  • Lighting fixed
  • Septic tank backfilled
  • Firewood cut
  • Solar Panels cleaned
  • Pathway fixed from erosion

Special Thanks

A special thank you goes out to our generous donors and dedicated workers:

  • Aaron Power from Just Sheds
  • Hawes Building companies and extended family
  • Steel and Tube for supplying the roof organized by Gavin Masey from Precise Spouting & Roofing Ltd
  • RX Plastics
  • Richard Titterton
  • Cameron Dawson ICT and internet at the hut
  • Garth Cohen from White International
  • Swap Quarry
  • Battery Town
  • Colin Rowlanson Builders
  • Navico Group

Your contributions, whether through donations or hard work, have made a significant impact. To all the volunteers who turned up on the day, your efforts have set us up for at least another 50 years of training and community service at the Kaimai Hut.

The Kaimai Hut is now better equipped than ever, ready to continue its legacy as a key training venue. This is a testament to how a community can come together to make a real difference.

Thank you once again for your generosity and hard work.

Warm regards,

Steve Campbell


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