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Turning a mobile phone into a beacon with a UAV-based cellular search and rescue solution

Opportunities for Australian SAR agencies to dial into mobile phone technology innovation was showcased at AAUS ROTORTECH 2022 Conference in June 2022.

Advantages of Psuedo Base Station solutions like Smith Myers Artemis:

  1. Do not interfere with the user’s mobile network
  2. Simply, interact with the mobile for a fraction of a second and then release the mobile
  3. Do not interfere with other mobile users
  4. Do not interrupt calls, e.g. to 000 or to/from someone

Many people who are lost, injured or in a disaster area are in possession of a working mobile phone, even if they are in an area with no mobile coverage.

Cellular based search and rescue tools such as Smith Myers’ ARTEMIS solution can weigh as little as half a kilogram and has been integrated onto relatively inexpensive commercial UAVs through to larger air certified systems for manned fixed and rotary winged aircraft.

Read the full presentation here

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