Youth Search and Rescue (YSAR)Training Weekend

We have 8 full weekend training exercises a year and a 5 day SAREX at the end of the year. This weekend is a typical monthy training exercise. Scroll back through our photo library to have a look at what we do.…

This weekend at YSAR

  1. First Year students – River Crossing Course – Lion Hut Matahi Valley Waimana
  2. Second Year Students – Navigation Exercise and Bushcraft Refresher – Lion Hut Matahi Valley Waimana
  3. Third, Fourth Year Students and some Leaders – SARINZ Action Orientated Team Leadership (AOTL) YSAR Kaimai Lodge Matamata

We have an amazing group of men and women committed to youth development in the Search and Rescue and Civil Defence Emergency Management area.
Their dedication, passion and belief in youth makes enables our programme to exist.
We are highly focused on technology and innovation in the SAR and CDEM sector as our young people are the next generation of those who will keep us safe. We want them to be fully equiped, both in knowledge and tools.

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