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What is Digital Transformation?

For companies and for Not for Profits, its important to constantly scan the horizon for new technologies. For business this will help to maintain a value proposition in a competitive market, and for charities it will open up opportunities to assist delivering your service and/or commodity to the community. For business and NFP alike, emerging technology may disrupt your purpose to a point where your product is obsolete, or your service is no longer needed resulting in your need to pivot. The important thing is to be ahead of the game. If someone in your business or charity doesn’t have a KPI relating to futures thinking, that should change.

Digital transformation can keep you ahead of your competitors and is a topic we hear a lot about, but do you really know what it means? With the exponential growth in technology, eyes wide open is the best approach.

Digital transformation is the initiative of using technology to solve traditional problems companies have such as the ones related to productivity, effectiveness, and performance. Read more here

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