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YSAR Featured Articles in NZSAR Link Issue 67

YSAR has been prominently featured in the latest issue of NZSAR Link, Issue 67, released in June 2024. This recognition highlights our continued commitment to training and preparing the next generation of search and rescue responders.

YSAR Satellite Branches

YSAR’s innovative hybrid training model for rural areas has been showcased. The Thames Coromandel branch exemplifies how we adapt to the unique challenges of rural regions, ensuring that young people from diverse locations can participate in our comprehensive SAR training programs. This model not only maximizes volunteer instructor time but also leverages local Land Search and Rescue groups for hands-on skills training. The collaboration with local Coastguard units and the shared resources with YSAR Waikato are testaments to our commitment to providing high-quality training despite geographical challenges.

10 Questions with Jess Sullivan

The interview with Jess Sullivan, a YSAR instructor in Christchurch, provides insight into the valuable role of mentors in our program. Jess’s diverse experience in SAR and Emergency Management and her dedication to training the next generation highlights the importance of strong role models in shaping future SAR leaders.

Celebrating Our Achievements

These articles in the NZSAR Link are significant for YSAR, reflecting our ongoing efforts to expand and enhance our training programs across New Zealand to support future volunteerism. We are proud of the achievements of our students, volunteers, and instructors, and we remain committed to fostering a resilient and capable SAR and EM community.

We invite you to read the full articles in NZSAR Link Issue 67 here and join us in celebrating the remarkable work of our YSAR family.

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