Postponement of weekend training exercise –  6th – 8th March 2020

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have decided to postpone the Ak YSAR first exercise this weekend 6th – 8th March and YSAR training Monday 9th March.

Rationale – In short; positive diagnosis of Covid -19 has been confirmed in parents of students who attend 4 secondary schools in Auckland. Children from these families have been attending these schools while parents have been contagious and these students are now quarantined. YSAR have students at 3 of these affected secondary schools.

Although the Ministry of Health have advised there is low risk of these children (of affected families), having transferred the infection at school to other students and staff, we are taking a cautionary approach. There is conflicting international infection transfer data available relating to non-symptomatic people passing on the virus and therefore YSAR have sought professional medical and legal advice. In consideration of this advice, we have decided to ‘err on the side of caution’ and postpone this weekend and Monday evening.

Contingencies – If Covid – 19 cases increase, and isolation is mandated, YSAR management team are planning possible contingencies to week night and weekend training. We are able to provide the lesson plans and theory from this weekend and week night training on CANVAS. We will also be able to catch up on the exercises learning objectives at the next exercise.

If you have any queries, please feel free to call me.

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