YSAR new Learning Management System (LMS) CANVAS by Instructure

YSAR are about to transition over to a new learning management systems (LMS) called Canvas by Instructure, between now and March 2019. The course won’t change but the way we deliver the content and track the student learning will.
Canvas is the world leading education LMS provider which adopts fresh approaches to learning. There is currently massive change in education internationally, due primarily to the change in access to knowledge and the expotential growth in technology, so we are changing to meet the future needs of the students we have in our care. Canvas is one of the tools we will use to meet this challenge.

The LMS is part of the longer term YSAR education strategy, providing a better framework for learning on three levels;
1. Students – improves student experience, supports our blended, project based and experiential learning focus, ensures relevancy and linkages to the layers of our educational environment tracking the curriculum requirements and competencies of – YSAR, LandSAR, Duke of Ed, Skills Active, Ministry of Ed, NZQA.
2. Instructors – delivers a student focused platform for instructors providing access to teaching materials, resources and instructor aids, records and monitors student progress, supports learning through experiential learning methodologies, ensures teaching resources are relevant and are best practise, and learning outcomes are consistent.
3. Governance – provides a platform for YSAR curriculum development which is fit for purpose for organisation scaling with top down visibility and reporting – provides a framework for the existing three year training programme, project based learning and which remains future focused.

If you’re interested in helping out please fill in the form provided through this link https://goo.gl/forms/zZveNdG71y0JOFMz2