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YSAR Kaupapa Māori Strategy – come with us on this journey

YSAR Kaupapa Māori Strategy  

The YSAR Kaupapa Māori strategy offers a strong base for organizational development in cultural competency and awareness as we open new branches throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. The principles and practices developed through this Kaupapa Māori strategy will provide an appropriate platform from which to promote and develop culturally responsible practices, competence, and acceptance.  Our aim through this journey is to incorporate Tikanga and te ao Māori as an important part of who we are. 

Key considerations:

  1. Programs for parents, families, and communities to build skills and capabilities that enable them to support children’s learning, development, and wellbeing
  2. Integrated, whānau-centered, and better tailored to authentic and blended learning
  3. Settings that support students’ identity, language, culture, learning and development, and their transition to life/work
  4. YSAR aims to work closely with iwi and hapu to develop key initiatives that enable greater whānau participation in our program and processes and to build positive cultural identity, connection, and belonging.

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