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YSAR Trust is Proud of their Partnership with KT Services for GPS, PLBs, Radio Communications, Stretchers and First Aid Equipment

YSAR Trust, a non-profit charity organization committed to training the next generation of Search and Rescue and Emergency Management responders, has partnered with KT Services for the supply of essential equipment.

With five branches in New Zealand in 2023 and a long-term growth strategy of 22 branches by 2028, YSAR Trust relies heavily on the generous support of companies that prioritize social responsibility in their business practices. YSAR uses KT Services to provide GPS, PLBs, radio communications, stretchers, and first aid equipment.

Kane and his team have always been available to offer advice and support and have proven reliable with their fast-tracked supply chain. Steve Campbell, CEO of YSAR Trust and the Team, highly recommends KT Services to anyone looking for equipment for the outdoors and health and safety.

“We are grateful for the support of KT Services and their commitment to helping us achieve our mission of training the next generation of Search and Rescue and Emergency Management responders,” said Campbell. “Their reliable and high-quality equipment supply is essential to our operations and we appreciate their partnership with us.” For further information about YSAR Trust, please visit their website at www.ysar.org.nz.

Contact: Steve Campbell | CEO YSAR Trust | Phone: +64 21 123 4567 | Email: [email protected]

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